Cardano Latest Update: The Latest Developments of ADA Could Increase Its Value to $1 in the Third Quarter of This Year

A few days ago, the Cardano team published a newsletter detailing their roadmap for the third quarter of the year as well as what they have achieved so far. If the information in the newsletter is something to go by, then ADA is one of the best digital currencies to purchase and hold at the moment.

Once the team implements what’s in the pipeline, the value of the coin could get back to its all-time high of more than $1 within the Q3 of the year. Here are some of the things Cardano intend to achieve in the next three month and what they have already achieved this month.

What They’ve Accomplished

Cardano has released a more advanced version of the Cardano paper wallet – one with better usability and security. This is a tremendous move for the crypto firm, one that could attract massive investments to it – because investors can invest in it knowing that there is a safe place for them to store their assets, outside of trading platforms. This will definitely reflect in the value of the coin in the next couple of months.

Second Achievement

In the last couple of weeks, the team has been able to build a faster wallet – a wallet that synchronizes with the blockchain instantaneously. This will increase the number of investors putting their money in the digital currency because investors are guaranteed that if they lose the key of their wallet, they can easily restore the wallet and all their coins will reflect instantly.

This will build more trust in the blockchain of Cardano and increase the levels of investment in this digital currency. In addition to that, Cardano is presently working on some high-profile partnerships that could give it a massive publicity boost in the crypto market.

They have also announced that they will go into a partnership with Metaps Plus in the third quarter of this year. All these factors point to a digital currency that’s on the verge of a breakout. With all these, the value of the coin is likely to get to the $1 mark in the third quarter of the year.

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