Binance Set To Improve User Experience by Introducing New Features

Despite the downward trend in the market, the team of Binance has moved ahead to make sure that its clients are having a great and user-friendly experience when using the trading platform.

Binance Supports 3 EOS AirDrops

Airdrops have generally been a cantankerous subject for digital currency trading platforms, as claiming airdrop tokens can usually require trading platforms to give up a certain degree of wallet security. Nevertheless, Binance has decided to provide support for three airdrops from the recent MainNet launch of EOS.
At the moment, the exchange will only be supporting EON, DAC, and IQ airdrops – three of the most significant projects launched by the blockchain of EOS. The withdrawals of EON have just begun, letting users move their airdropped EON to their personal EOS wallets.
Nevertheless, this announcement was taken in the wrong way by some users. A publication made it clear that support for these digital currencies will only allow for withdrawals and not trading. Irrespective of the misunderstanding, the announcement was still well welcomed by the community, with a lot of users appreciating Binance for supporting the airdrop.

Community Coin of the Month Is Back

The trading platform has also announced that they’ll be reestablishing the community coin of the month that enables users to propose and vote tokens/coins they believe should be added to an expansive lineup. The community vote hasn’t taken place for more than three months now, and seeing this feature reinstated has given users more reasons to use the trading platform.
The community vote has archeologically been a topic of interest for the community of Binance, with users coming out in number to vote for their favorite projects. The following are the digital currency nominees for this month:
• Arcblock (ABT)
• Dock (DOCK)
• Bytom (BTM)
• Fusion (FSN)
• Havven (HAV)
• Pundi X (NPXS)
• Oyster (PRL)
• Ravencoin (RVN)
Voting began three days ago, and it is remaining about two days left for users to vote.

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