Keep An Eye On Ripple (XRP) From SEC About Whether XRP Is A Security Or Not -Sun Jun 09

There are two things people are more interested in when it comes to Ripple (XRP). It’s either they are looking for the price analysis of the coin, or they want to know if the software firm (Ripple) has announced anything new. In this article is the market performance of the digital currency.

Ripple has always made its goal known to the public – making payments cheap, fast and efficient. So, far, Ripple’s technology has been adopted by many financial institutions. It is the diligent effort of the company that has helped establish the XRP token as one of the most important altcoins in the world. However, the XRP is just one part of Ripple’s technology. The company still has other protocols that are applicable in fintech. It is no wonder many big players in the industry have been giving the company thumbs up for its excellent tech. The most recent applause was from American Express.

American Express Showers Praises At Ripple

A few days ago, during the Wings of Change conference in Europe, Carlos Carriedo, American Express’ general manager of corporate payments said that Ripple’s technology has the potential to dramatically change the way cross-border payments work. In his words:

“Blockchain technology is a good option that we are considering. Just so you will understand, we have already invested in a blockchain-based fintech lab so that we can understand how to leverage the technology better. We hosted a pilot and tested the project locally with Santander and Ripple. Already, we know that traditional cross-border payments are typically slow and complex. However, during the test, our clients were able to make transparent, cross-border transfers seamlessly.

Ripple Price Today: Current Price of XRP

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Ripple (XRP) Price Analysis

The digital currency continued its downward movement but it started corrective higher later.  The performance of Ripple (XRP) is in accordance with the general performance of the digital currency market.

A lot of digital currencies began the day in the red, showing losses over the last twenty-four hours. Nevertheless, most of the coins that were deep in the red this morning have managed to find their ways to the green territory. But will the gains last? The digital currency market doesn’t close, so it is possible for the digital currency to plunge back into the red.

Ripple Price Takeaway

It is going to be crucial to keep an eye on the digital currency this week. There might be some more information from the US SEC about whether XRP is a security or not, and this should have a significant effect on the value of the coin –bad or good.

Andreas Kaplan is a freelance cryptocurrency and blockchain writer.


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