June 19 Price Analysis For EOS, TRON (TRX), and Litecoin (LTC): The Bear Wave Continues

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The bears are highly likely going to drive prices lower in the coming days. Hence, TRX should be watched because of what could happen after its mainnet launch. Litecoin dangles at 90 USD, and EOS has had some security lapses. Let’s what opportunities are out there.

EOS Technical Analysis

All in all, our previous trade plan stands. However, when you consider the trajectory of price movements in the last few days or so, it is likely that our bullish forecast would be nullified. This should come to pass if the bears push prices less than 9 USD and in that case, our bear targets should remain constant. It would be ideal should prices recover. After all, the price pattern of EOS is nearly independent of that of Bitcoin as most trade volumes are generated from USDT and ETH.

Litecoin Technical Analysis

With Litecoin’s prices moving forward to within tight trading levels, there is nothing much to analyse when it comes to price movements. The fact is that in the previous 24 hours, LTC has oscillated within the 5 USD range but is down due to yesterday’s prices. And as such, the chances of sellers testing the June 13 lows remain on the high side. Besides, the general pattern is bearish looking at the weekly chart, so bears have the upper hand. Regardless, our previous trade plan will hold true as long the price action oscillates between the 90 USD and the 110 USD on the upside.

Tron Technical Analysis

Considering the fact that price movements are fast shifting within June 18 and 19 high lows, previous trade plans for the crypto token remain intact. Previous buy triggers are still at 0.5 USD, and for buyers to buy our support projection, we will need to observe strong gains in the coming break out with abnormally higher volumes on the trading day. The reverse is true if sellers should take charge.


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