Stellar Lumens Price Prediction 2018: Here Is Why Stellar Lumens (XLM) Is the Only Digital Currency to HODL This Year (XLM News Today)

stellar lumens

With the ever-increasing demand for open source financial networks, Stellar Lumens appears to be a natural choice. The blockchain of Stellar Lumens facilitated a lot of digital currency transactions and it has grabbed the attention of key financial institutions and Bitfinex has recently backed up the digital currency.

Investing in digital currencies is not for the weak hearted, as the volatility of digital currencies is high, and their values are affected by a whole lot of factors. Stellar Lumens isn’t an isolated digital currency and a background check has been carried out to help you understand why the digital currency is worth holding.

What Makes Stellar Lumens Unique

The transaction speeds of Stellar Lumens are one of the best in the crypto space. Looking back twelve months ago, the stellar platform has had incredible improvements. This has helped to increase the value of the coin by more than 2500 percent, and it is still increasing.

The partnerships of Stellar with firms such as IBM and ICICI has brought back the confidence of investors and more are looking for more opportunities to hop in. A major advantage of the digital currency is its almost zero transactions costs.

The Team behind the Success of Stellar

The success of this digital currency doesn’t only lie in its partnerships but also the funding from Stripe. Nevertheless, the solid performance of the stellar platform is attributed to Jed McCaleb (the founder), whose success stories in the crypto-sphere are well known.

McCaleb has managed to put together a sturdy team that also has a passion for the vision of the project, and they are all working together to take the coin to a greater height.

Stellar Price Today: Current Price of XLM

At the time of writing, Stellar Lumens is trading at $0.2289. The coin is ranked 7th with a market cap of $4.41 billion and a twenty-four hours trading volume of $36.7 million.

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