Bitcoin (BTC) Vs. VeChain Thor (VEN): Which Should You Invest in This 2018? (VeChain Thor Price Prediction)

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Everyone knows that Bitcoin (BTC) is the leader of all cryptocurrencies in the market in terms of market capitalization and mainstream adoption. However, Bitcoin is no longer the only player in the game. There are many other cryptocurrencies that have come to challenge Bitcoin and one of them is VeChain Thor (VEN).

What You Need to Know About VeChain Thor (VEN)

Bitcoin was created to remove the difficulty attached to traditional banking and make things easier for people globally. Unfortunately, it’s slow transaction speed, high transaction costs, and scalability issues have been its downfall.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Today

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VeChain Thor (VEN) was created to deliver to the market and become the best platform for supply chain management. It is a highly scalable platform that processes smooth transactions to the best interest of the user. The platform has gone into partnership with DB Schenker with the sole aim of revolutionizing the use of blockchain in the logistics industry.

It fulfills the need of enterprises to keep track of the supply chain process using blockchain technology. It has also partnered with Liquor Blockchain Alliance and Shanghai Wine.

VeChain Vs. Bitcoin: Which is a Better Investment for 2018

Before the launch of the VeChain Thor blockchain, the company released a report stating that the foundation keeps 39% of the coins and releases the remaining 61% to the public. The VeChain Thor foundation made it clear that transparency is one of its major commitments.

At the time this piece was written, the coin was trading at $3.0. The price charts also show that there is a bullish trendline. This confirms that the gap between the 50 SMA and 100 SMA is narrowing out. Also, the stochastic oscillator is recovering from the oversold levels and is moving toward the 50 mark. There is an immediate resistance at $3.2 with the main resistance is at $3.4. All declines are stopped at the $2.90 zone.

VeChain Thor is more stable and more affordable than Bitcoin. So, if you want to expand your portfolio, investing in VeChain Thor is a good idea.


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