Ontology (ONT), EOS (EOS), and Qtum (QTUM): Your Top 3 Cryptocurrencies to Invest in this Month – June 2018 Price Predictions News

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If you’ve been following up with the cryptocurrency industry this year, you’ll know that the first half of the year hasn’t been all rosy. The bearish wave was most evident in March and the first few weeks of April. The best time to buy a cryptocurrency is when the price is low and recovering slowly, but not every coin that goes down will come up again. Very few coins have shown promise and this article will discuss the top three options for cryptocurrency investors in June 2018.

Invest in Ontology (ONT)

Ontology (ONT) is a fast rising cryptocurrency in the market that survived the recent bearish wave. Ontology offers users a public blockchain which allowes them to access tools for smart contracts and decentralized apps. At the time of writing, the ONT coin was trading at $8.11 indicating a 9% increase within a 24 hour period. Irrespective of the bearish trend in the market, Ontology, has managed to triumph.

Invest in EOS

EOS is the 5th ranking cryptocurrency in the market and it recently launched its mainnet which is going to improve its performance. The platform allows anyone interested to purchase tokens, build blockchains, and create decentralized apps. It can be applied in many other aspects of business. At the time of writing, EOS was trading at $14.05 against the USD with a market capitalization of about $12.5 billion. If you’re looking for a new platform for creating decentralized apps, EOS might be just right for you.

 Invest in Qtum (QTUM)

Another outstanding coin in the market is Qtum. This is one of the most stable coins this year. It has a unique hybrid structure that is a mixture of the Ethereum platform and the strength of Bitcoin. It is indeed a reliable platform. At the time of writing, Qtum was trading at $13.85 which indicates a 6% increase within 24 hours. Any bullish run will take it up to $25.

This is the best time to tap into the cryptocurrency market and the three coins discussed above: EOS, Ontology, and Qtum, are the most stable options for cryptocurrency investors this June.


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