What You Need to Know About OmiseGO (OMG): Will The Cryptocurrency Overtake Others Cryptocurrencies in the Market?

OmiseGO (OMG) was once considered the altcoin that will rule over all altcoins. Just over a year after, the story is different. Well, OmiseGO is currently trading at $11.19 after losing 6.82% of its value on Monday. OmiseGO, like many other coins, is following Bitcoin in the Q2 trend has hasn’t shown any signs of a break in the near term. It ranks as the 21 largest cryptocurrency as per market capitalization.

Will OmiseGO Live Up to Original Expectations and Take Over the Altcoin Market?

From all indications, OmiseGO is getting back on track no matter how slow the trend might be. The company is now making plans to partner with Electrify to solve problems related to electricity in third world nations. The company, Electrify, will build a blockchain on OmiseGO’s platform for this purpose.

One or the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in India, Unocoin, also announced that it will be listing OmiseGO soon. By getting listed in a large exchange based on Asia, there will be a greater demand for OmiseGO.

OmiseGO also has a hard spoon project on the way. This project will involve merging two cryptocurrencies. The company is planning a merger with Cosmos cryptocurrency. When the merger is complete, both cryptocurrencies will be viewed as one with the same balance and everything. This will most likely increase the market capitalization and value of OmiseGO.


As far is investing in cryptocurrencies is concerned OmiseGO may be worth an investor’s attention. With all the partnerships and future projects in store, it’s clear that the primary goal of the company is to provide a scalable solution for users that will allow transparent and swift peer-”peer transactions. The company will build a digital asset gateway, decentralized exchange, clearinghouse messaging network, and liquidity provider mechanism among other things. Although the platform isn’t live now, it’s going to come online as soon as the plasma architecture is implemented.


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