Co-CEO of Robinhood, Vlad Tenev: “Ruling Out Bitcoin (BTC) Because of Recent Price Changes is an Unwise Decision” (Bitcoin News Today)

Vlad Tenev, the Co-CEO of Robinhood, said at least 1 million people went on to sign up to trade digital currencies several days following the launch of the companies mobile trading app. He made these comments at the CB Insights’ Future of Fintech seminar this Wednesday.

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Bitcoin (BTC) Has Strong Staying Power

Tenev, who is also the co-founder of Robinhood, an investing application and web platform, in the crypto sector expressed optimism regarding Bitcoin’s chances in the market even though the price of the BTC token had seen gradual declines in recent months. Tenev said:

“This is a crypto asset that already has staying power, and a significant one.”

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Today

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Tenev also noted that the price of Bitcoin, has fluctuated in similar patterns in the past and went on to add that: “It will be very foolish to write BTC off.”

Bitcoin (BTC) is Here to Stay

Tenev’s firm, Robinhood, a micro-finance app that has sought to give members of the public access to stock trading, joined the virtual currency sector earlier this year.

Tenev also said that “during that period many of the biggest digital asset exchanges brokered many of the exchanges. In his words:

“We remain focused on reliability and stability. We coped when it came to sustaining our customer orders. Come to think of it hundreds of thousands of users added accounts in just one day.”

According to the crypto professional, presently, his company is trying “to bring people into the entire ecosystem.”

It is noteworthy that despite what Tenev insulated, he went on to acknowledge the fact that “the Blockchain initiative on its own has become a bit over-rated,” explaining that many startups are only trying to enter the scene via decentralized ledgers where a regular database wouldn’t suffice. However, he went on to admit that his firm wants to be a market leader for many decades.


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