Stellar (XML) Price Predictions 2018: Is Stellar (XML) a Good Investment in 2018? (XML News Today)

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Stellar was created in 2014 to simplify and enable fast transfer of digital assets. So far, the token has proven itself a strong contender in the cryptoverse. The Stellar coin, XLM, is the eight largest cryptocurrency in the world per market capitalization. Its current market capitalization is about $7 billion. The open source platform has become famous among most cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Stellar (XML) Price Prediction 2018

Just last year, the Stellar XML coin grew by 900% and it is now trading at $0.40. Being able to buy a single coin for as low as $0.40 means you can get 40 coins with just $100. This makes it a cheap alternative to Bitcoin and other more expensive coins. Being able to buy the coin isn’t the most important factor. Before you buy a coin, no matter how cheap, you need to be sure that it has the potential to gather gains. This is where the Stellar (XML) price prediction 2018 comes in.

Just like Ripple XRP, Stellar XML has a high growth potential. Both platforms were developed with the same methodology. They are both built on the same blockchain principles and have the same target market: multinational banks and other financial institutions. This is why many people believe that both coins will grow in a similar fashion. Many believe that Stellar XLM will get to $1 before the end of 2018.

Stellar (XML) Price Prediction 2018: Will Stellar Hit the $1 Mark?

The $1 mark is not far fetched as Stellar has already set things in motion. On the partnership front, Stellar has made a lot of progress sealing partnerships with big organizations like IBM. IBM is a company that is going to offer Stellar eight anchors for boosting its network efficiency.


Stellar (XML) has prospects and it is going to trade well against the USD and Bitcoin. The coin is still affordable so it’s better to make your investment now to enjoy the benefits later.


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