NEO Price Prediction 2018: Is Neo (NEO) Worth Your Money in 2018? (NEO News Today)

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The cryptocurrency market is growing everyday with new cryptocurrencies being launched daily. About 70% of the total market capitalization is dominated by the top 10 cryptocurrencies. Which means so many cryptocurrencies will not survive 2018. Fortunately, Neo (NEO) might be one of the few cryptocurrencies that will remain relevant this year and in the years to come.

NEO Price Prediction 2018: Neo Price Prediction Based on Technical Analysis

For a new cryptocurrency, Neo has worked its way up efficiently. So, if you want to invest in Neo and you want to be certain that you’re making the right choice, keep reading this piece. Note that getting accurate predictions for any cryptocurrency is difficult but you can get estimated values and work with that.

Based on the historical trading volume and price trends of Neo, we can say that the price of Neo will reach $188.26 within the year. So, anyone who invests $100 in NEO today will get more than double the amount in one year. Based on technical analysis, Neo is a worthy investment.

NEO Price Prediction 2018: Neo Price Prediction Based on Fundamental Analysis

Considering the market trend and superior technology of NEO, the price will get to $355 before the end of 2018. This analysis is based on the growing interest rate in NEO, the technical advantages Neo has over Ethereum and the fact the Neo is focused on digitizing assets and not just digitizing currencies.

In the cryptocurrency industry, many experts have agreed that the future of Neo is bright. For example, the co-founder of Social Finance, claims that Neo is going to take the place of Bitcoin because of the uniqueness of its blockchain technology.

Also, the famous blockchain advocate, Brain Evans has publicly declared his support for Neo. He said that Neo is creating a smart economy that will change the industry forever.


Many experts in the industry believe that Neo has a bright future. Technical and fundamental analysis also indicate the same thing. So, yes, Neo is worth the investment in 2018.


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