Blockchain Research Center Launched by Standford University With the Support of Ethereum Foundation

Yesterday, a post on the Standford engineering website revealed that Standford University has just launched a blockchain program with the support of Ethereum Foundation. The University devoted a center to be used for researching how blockchain technology can be applied and used to change contemporary business interactions.

Co-founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, also posted a tweet about it confirming the involvement of the Ethereum Foundation. Apart from the support from the Ethereum Foundation, other bodies like Interchain Foundation, PolyChain Capital, OmiseGO, Protocol Labs and DFINITY Stiftung have also contributed to the blockchain initiative in Standford University.

Standford Launches Blockchain Project With Help from Ethereum Foundation

The program is a five-year research on blockchain and it will be spearheaded by David Mazieres, and Dan Boneh who are both professors of computer science in Standford. Other professors from different departments will also be involved in the program. Apart from researching blockchain technology, the initiative will create blockchain courses that will dwell on all the applications of blockchain from the financial sector to every other aspect of life.

On the website post, one of the heads of the initiative, Dan Boneh, who also happens to be a cryptography specialist, said that it’s only a matter of time till the blockchain technology becomes critical in business activities around the world.

In his words:

“Soon, blockchain technology will be critical to business activities around the globe. This is why Standford needs to take the lead in researching, applying, and improving the ripple effect of blockchain technology. As soon as you start seeing the details involved, you’ll know that this subject will generate theses from different fields of study and not just computer science.”

Blockchain Education is Becoming a Norm

In different parts of the world, universities are beginning to provide blockchain education and research. In February, a research University in Australia launched a course for blockchain. In the beginning of June, Ripple donated $50 million to seventeen different universities in support of blockchain education and research programs.

Blockchain technology is the future and people are beginning to see the need to harness it now.


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