What You Need To Know about Bitcoin Private – Is Bitcoin Private (BTCP) a Great Investment Option?

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For the past one year, there has been a lot of hard forks from the blockchain of Bitcoin. These hard forks have resulted in some coins bearing the name “Bitcoin.” While some hard forks have given rise to altcoins with relatively high market penetration, merchant adoption, and value such as Bitcoin Cash, others have fallen and floundered into near nothingness.

What You Need to Know about Bitcoin Private (BTCP)

Bitcoin Private (BTCP) is one of the most remarkable outcomes of the Bitcoin “Fork Mania.” Over the past few months, the altcoin has shown enormous growth in value. Bitcoin Private outperforms some of the leading digital currencies, and this has led to an increased scrutiny and interest as investors have started looking at it as a possible rival to other digital currencies in the market.

Bitcoin Private was created from the blockchain of Bitcoin. Nevertheless, it is unique because it’s the first altcoin that comprises two different blockchains. BTCP is a combination of the blockchain of ZClassic and Bitcoin.

What Is ZClassic?

ZClassic is a digital currency which was created by Rhett Creighton – a blockchain developer based in San Francisco. ZClassic was also hard forked from Zcash – a privacy-oriented digital coin. Zcash utilizes different cryptographic tools to enhance and protect the privacy of transactions carried out on its platform.

Is Bitcoin Private a Good Investment?

Bitcoin Private (BTCP) combines two different codebases to create a new digital currency that relies solely on the best parts of its parent blockchains. The inclusion of privacy-oriented features to the codebase of bitcoin gives rise to a digital currency that has the potential to do very well in the market.

If you want to add this digital currency to your portfolio, you’ll need to consider that it’s a new digital currency and it likely needs a little time to address and resolve some issues before it will be able to gain the trust of digital currency investors.

If you are looking for long-term investment, then this digital currency might be a good investment option, as it is one of the most promising privacy altcoins out there.

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