VeChain News Today: SlowMist Announces a Security Checklist after Its Partnership with Vechain (VEN)

SlowMist – a platform that is focused on the security of the blockchain ecosystem – recently came up with a complete security checklist after its partnership with VeChain (VEN). The security program is aimed at providing the blockchain technology with a better security.

The Aim of the Framework

The security program made sure that there are Authority Masternodes in the whole network since VeChain (VEN) is not dependent on one node. The framework is aimed at protecting the security of normal node’s communication, HTTP API, and operation of communication, Authority Masternode, and security of BootNodes in the fundamental phase, and improvising the Mainnet anti-attack capability in the initial stage.

Recent Partnerships of VeChain

To make their security much stronger, VeChain (VEN) has partnered with Hosho, HackenProof, Secureware, and SlowMist. The checklist was released ahead of the Mainnet launch of VeChainThor. The framework is basically built to warranty the availability of BootNode list and set out targeted defense approach.

VeChainThor also stabilizes Authority Masternode and increases the number of nodes. SlowMist was designed by a team of developers with experience in defensive and offensive cyber security. They share security expertise with government bodies and firms such as Google, W3C, Microsoft, Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, and the China Ministry of Public Security.

The company specializes in deploying defensive systems, underground hacking prevention and tracking, and security auditing. Recently, the Security Team of SlowMist spotted an automated piracy attack. The duration of the attack was about twenty-four months, and the value of the digital currency (Ethereum) that was stolen (although it has not been transferred) has been calculated to be $20,000,000 in total.

Partnerships are one of the most important factors that contribute to the growth of a digital currency, the more partnerships it secures, the more popular it gets, and the more its value increases. VeChain (VEN) is one of the best performing digital currencies in the market, and this partnership might help to increase the value of the coin further.

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