ETC Price Prediction: Will Ethereum Classic (ETC) Gather Bullish Momentum to Surge over the $17 Mark?

Ethereum Classic (ETC) has been doing pretty well recently, and it has been giving good news both in terms of partnerships and market performance. The value of Ethereum Classic continues to increase as the bulls were able to push its value over the $17 mark.

Ethereum Classic (ETC) Price Today

Ethereum Classic

The last price surge of the digital currency was at $25 on the 7th of May. At the moment, the digital currency is trading slightly above the $17 level after an increase of 11.09 percent.

The Peak of Ethereum Classic (ETC)

The digital currency experienced the highest peak in its value on the 14th of January this year, when its value rose to $45.52 with a market cap of $4.5 million. After which, the value of the digital currency declined to $17 on the 6th of February. Before getting to the high of $23.74 in May, the value of the coin was trading below the $14 level in April.

The Cause of the Increase

The increase in the value of the coin came after Coinbase announced that was going to Ethereum Classic to its trading platform. As a result of this announcement, the digital currency saw an increase of 25 percent. Binance also said it will add ETC to its trading list on the 12th of June. Last week, Binance listed ICX, IOTX, and SC, and they saw an increase in their values after the listing.

The number one trading platform for Ethereum Classic is OKEx with more than 15.36 percent of the total trading volume, followed by BitForex with about 9.7 percent. ETC recently made an announcement regarding their incubator program launched by Digital Currency Group, Digital Finance Group, and HCM.

The project is aimed at providing both in-depth advice and reliable investment from industry experts for helping startups on the blockchain of Ethereum Classic to grow. The digital currency has secured a lot of partnerships lately, which is also playing a vital role in the market performance of the coin.

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