Dash (DAO) Price Analysis: What’s Next For Dash (DAO) After April Low? Will Dash Keep Declining?

Not so long ago, cryptocurrency experts rated Dash (DAO) in high ranks. In fact, when you want to talk about digital coins that have the potential to get to the top in the crypto market, Dash (DAO) is arguably a virtual token to look out for. Dash (DAO) was launched as far back as 2014, and it has gained the attention of countless investors since to this day. The digital currency is currently ranked 13 on the list of the most valuable digital coins by market cap in the world presently. The token has even managed to break into the 1 billion USD mark regarding market value.

Dash’s (DAO) transaction speed is its principal point of attraction. The digital asset also offers other amazing features as well including user anonymity. There was even a time some experts claimed the token had the potential to outdo Bitcoin (BTC). Anyway, let’s see what’s up with Dash’s prices in the charts.

What’s Next After Dash’s April Low?

Bounces might be short-lived if there are short-term resistances. Dash (DAO) is now one of the first virtual tokens to break lower than the April lows which indicates that the January bear market which began in January never really came to an end and rally initiated back in April and May wasn’t reliable.

Dash (DASH) Price Today / USD


The DASH/USD pair is up by less than 1 percent at 256.35 USD according to cryptocurrency writer Manoj B Rawal. It is now trading in the 254 USD to 259 USD levels. Dash’s (DAO) 282 USD April low was broken at the start of this week, and prices have traded below that throughout the week, which is an indication that more lower levels may come sooner than anticipated.

From the 30-minute chart, prices now face resistance at 265 USD which would be difficult for the bulls to move past, while on from the lower side should a break below the 235 USD to 250 USD occur, the cryptocurrency token may be in for more turbulence.


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