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Currently, Ripple (XRP) is ranked third in the world of cryptocurrencies. The digital currency has also suffered a price slump like other cryptocurrencies. Despite hiring a new head market strategist, Cory Johnson, XRP still struggles to appreciate.

Ripple (XRP) Price Today / USD

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Lots of market analysts have forecasted that XRP prices will experience some increase, but this has yet to take place.

Despite being supported by many and partnering with significant bodies, Ripple (XRP) bleak performance is caused by a lawsuit that they lost against a top company. This negative trend is the worst since the coin was founded.

Analysts are bullish about Ripple (XRP)

Experts are not sure why Ripple prices keep sinking after Cory Johnson’s announcement. They are still searching for the correlation between the appointment of Cory and the sinking price.

However, Cory assured the public in a media statement that he is working tirelessly to explain the reason for the dismal performance. He also promised to find a strategy that may mitigate the situation.

Ripple’s worth is $49 billion, but considering the volatility of cryptos, the digital currency is experiencing depressions in value. Despite this gloomy period, Roman Guelfi, a cryptoanalyst believes that ripple will reach notable highs next year.

Ripple’s CEO, Brad Garlinghouse stated that XRP plans to work with regulators in a bid to increase its value.

Should Analysts Remain Bullish about Ripple?

So many factors could push Ripple to success next year, and one of them is the inclusion of Ryan Zagone, a new executive of Ripple, who was elected into the federal reserve’s Faster Payment Task Force recently. This could positively impact international payments to Ripple’s favor.

Ripple (XRP) isn’t saturated like other cryptos, but we believe that if it does become saturated, it could hit $10-$15 with ease.

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