Lisk (LSK) Price Prediction 2018: The Token is Set To Reach The 1,000 USD Mark By April Year – Lisk News Today

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  • Lisk (LSK) is currently undergoing a brutal correction which has pushed it back into the million USD mark in terms of value and removed it from the top 20 digital currency list. The current price movement of Lisk (LSK), indicate that the digital token is down by 82 percent from its 34.92 USD all-time high. However, it is still up by 95 percent over the previous 12 months.

Lisk (LSK) Price Today / USD


This is an indication that once the correction has been completed, prices should continue moving towards new highs as time passes.

Lisk (LSK) Set for Huge Rally in Recent Price Analysis

Lisk’s (LSK) price is trading in a bullish pattern against the USD and is expected to attain top spot by April 2019. Previously, Lisk had completed a 308-day rally after which it’s price made a double bottom pattern. If this scenario should play out again, Lisk is likely going to be able to get to as high as 1,000 USD by April next year.

Lisk is arguably a rip off at its current price of 6.41 USD. If  an investor is willing to invest the sum of 1,000 USD in the crypto network today, he or she can wait for a whopping 156,000 USD return by the predicted April 2019 date. Should the worst-case scenario play out, you can leave your investment for an additional amount of time to realize the kind of gains you want.

It is largely undisputed that Lisk (LSK) offers one of the biggest development activities. The token was given an 87 percent score by Coin Gecko which is higher than what was received by Cardano (ADA) 86 percent and TRON (TRX) 84 percent. This shows that the network is actively working to prepare its platform for Dapp development despite their current market capitalization and price movement. Additionally, Lisk’s community has been highly active on social media lately especially after the rebranding.













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