TRON [TRX] Update: Stock Exchange and BJEX Pledge Support for Tron [TRX] – Justin Sun Tweets

The Tron foundation has new partners as announced by its founder yesterday, BJEX and Stocks exchange. The migration of Tron’s token is underway and TRX withdrawals are suspended presently. In about three days, Tron [TRX] will hold an election of super representatives to select up to twenty-seven individuals to represent the people and offer calculation and validation for the network.

The new partners

BJEX as a platform, emphasizes on the interest of users while prioritizing user information and security of funds. The platform has a mobile terminal that is used for trading as well. This terminal supports all business functions. The Tron foundation stated that this company advocates the spirit of sharing and freedom and is also committed to offering integrated crypto services to customers all over the world.

Stock.Exchange also facilitates easy circulation of digital currencies through crypto-based instruments that help in determining market prices. Users can also trader assets of brands for cryptocurrencies. The company states that their platform is run on a high level of professionalism to ensure that all personal data is safe.

The announcement

Yesterday, the founder of Tron [TRX] announced that the company would burn 1 billion coins as an independence day celebration from Ethereum. This action is hoped to subdue the amount of coin in circulation and it results in higher prices.

He made the announcement on Twitter, and some fans on the social media page commented on this. Miro Hämäläinen, a Tron holder, and Twitter user asked if his coins would become worthless if he doesn’t swap the tokens at the swapping event.

Another crypto enthusiast and Tron holder commented and thanked Sun for burning 1 billion coins in commemoration of the Tron Independence Day. He believes that the gesture is worthy of commendation and urged the founder to keep up the good work.


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