Is Ripple a Security? Ripple Is Not a Security, Brad Garlinghouse Argues

Ripple CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, in the CB Insights Future of Fintech Conference stated that Ripple (XRP) could not be classified as a security.

Garlinghouse backed up with the statement with three arguments.

Reasons his statement about Ripple (XRP)

The first argument is the XRP ledger. Garlinghouse said that Ripple’s ledger would continue to go on even after Ripple closes its doors to business because it is an open source and decentralized technology.

He stated that the ledger is a decentralized and open source technology that is independent of Ripple.

Ripple’s CEO also stated that the XRP used as a utility by Ripple and some parts of its platform are used to conduct safe and instant cross-border payments. So, since securities arent utilities, Garlinghouse believes that it is not possible to consider XRP a security.

He said, “If you purchase XRP, you aren’t buying Ripple shares. We’re a privately held company, and we have some investors. XRP doesn’t give users access to profits or dividends that come from Ripple.”

Ripple CEO also addressed Coinbase XRP listing, Ripple (XRP) ownership, and crypto market problems.

He was asked about XRP ownership in the CB Insights Future of Fintech convention. The company owns about sixty percent of XRP tokens. Garlinghouse argued that Ripple’s ownership isn’t placing the company in a position of control over the XRP since it is an open source technology which is decentralized.

Coinbase has not added listed (XRP)

Also, Coinbase crypto exchange has not yet added Ripple (XRP), and this does not bother Ripple CEO. He believes that Coinbase and other cryptocurrency exchanges have a right to decide the best course of action in their business. However, Ripple isn’t targeting the individual traders but financial bodies, so they are not worried about not being listed on Coinbase.

Garlinghouse also spoke about the cryptocurrency market and said that it lacks pragmatism.


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