What can you buy with Bitcoin 2018? Shop with Bitcoin now – Here is a list of websites that accept bitcoins (Buy a house, buy a car or buy a laptop with Bitcoin)

Lots of people only see bitcoin as an asset to be traded or a futuristic technology. Many do not know that bitcoin offers more than an investment; it can be used in many other ways. The digital currency was designed to topple government money and take its place as the top currency in the world. The Blockchain is very important, and bitcoin helps users pay for items without having to use the bank.

However, you should not worry about bitcoin taking the place of the USD soon, but the process has already begun. Whether you buy or mine bitcoin, there are so many places that accept this payment method. Many of these shops are based online, but this should change soon.

It is true that you should not expect bitcoin payment option to increase in shops that accept bitcoin. It may still take some time to become widespread due to the lengthy transactions on the Blockchain. This makes it difficult for more outlets to accept payment in bitcoin. Price volatility of the digital currency is also responsible for its lack of popularity. The prices change without warning, and this has made users wary of paying with bitcoin because it doesn’t offer any assurances that the value will remain the same.

However, if bitcoin keep striving and manages to hit a higher peak, more and more retailers and websites will start considering the integration of bitcoin into their payment options.

You may be wondering if you can shop with bitcoin, buy laptop with bitcoin and searching for websites that accept bitcoins. Some ask “what can I buy with bitcoins 2018” and “can I buy a car with bitcoin”? Is it possible to do this with bitcoin? This article will answer all your questions.

Can you buy a house with bitcoin, what can you buy with bitcoin 2018?

There are so many outlets or businesses that currently accept bitcoin payments even though they are not widespread. A lot of such outlets are online-based, but many local bitcoin-accepting shops are popping up.

It may take some time before this digital currency is widely accepted and one reason for this is volatility. However, if it continues to peak higher, more retailers may make it an option.

Since bitcoin is a digital currency, it is ideal for online payments. There are so many options for using bitcoin in making online payment. Many large enterprises have incorporated bitcoin payments so they can accept payment in bitcoin. Others have considered the idea and tested it out to see if it can draw in more customers.

Even though bitcoin is more common as a long-term investment asset, it has become a lot easier to use it to purchase items online. It wasn’t this easy in the past, and some sites now are developed to cater to bitcoin payments. Some sites even allow you to get pizza with bitcoin.

If you’re wondering whether you can buy with bitcoin on Amazon, the answer is yes. You can use gift cards to pay with bitcoin. Notable retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, Dunkin Donuts, Home Depot and Target use this option.

To buy items or use bitcoin to send funds to an account online, you can follow the instructions on the site. Simply click on the “Pay with Bitcoin” option and input your wallet information. This may be done with a QR code especially if you use your mobile device. After that, confirm your information and then place your order.

Various companies such as ShapeShift allow you to add funds for cryptocurrency trading. Some sites also offer wallet addresses so users can send the bitcoins there. Some other companies have introduced systems that help businesses accept bitcoin payments. One of such is Intuit, the developer of PaybyCoin. Other big brands such as Square and Cash App are trying this method as well.

Remember that you need to hasten up any transaction with bitcoin because of the severe volatility. Some merchants that accept bitcoin only allow users to complete the transaction within ten minutes. This is because the price updates after that time and a new exchange rate will apply.

Can I buy a car with bitcoin, where should I go?

You can research companies that offer car sales and check their payment options. Some have integrated this option while others have not. Take your time and research online on whether the company you plan to patronize accepts bitcoin payment because some companies initially jumped on the bitcoin payment train and stopped the service.

One of such is Steam; the company halted bitcoin payments late last year due to the severe volatility of bitcoin. They plan to return to it. Also, Dell also dropped the option last year and claimed that its users did not have interest in the service. Still, so many other places allow customers to pay with bitcoin.

People searching for basic retail goods such as furniture, apparel, and home décor can pay with bitcoin on retailers like Overstock.

If you are not sure if you can pay with bitcoins in stores near you, use a search engine to find such places. Coinmap allows people to add businesses and what they offer. This database may help you find what you are looking for.

So many large brands are trying out this payment option to see how it works for their business. At the start of the year, KFC Canada started a BTC payment option for “The Bitcoin Bucket” which was a combination of waffle fries and chicken tenders for just $20 in BTC. This option is no longer available because it sold out quickly and this is a great sign. If the company plans to introduce it to all its branches worldwide, it will perform well.

You can also buy gaming consoles, TV sets with bitcoin. Microsoft allows users to add bitcoin from their wallet and use it in Xbox and Windows store. Other popular brands such as Expedia, Dish Network, Wikipedia, PizzaForCoins, OKCupid, CheapAir, Zynga, Etsy now accept bitcoin.


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