Meet Salih Sarikaya: Stats Show As One Of The Top Tech, Fintech, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Influencers

Fintech and blockchain influencer, Salih Sarikaya (@SalihSarikaya) has a twitter reputation which is the envy of many. An active member of the platform since 2009, Sarikaya has maintained a strong presence and indeed a massive following.

Twitter Counter, which profiles the accounts of Twitter users rate his profile very highly. Sarikaya is tracked #1k by currently has over half a million followers—a number which increased by steadily by the day. He is #1k, a place shy of twitter’s prestigious top 1,000 users. What’s even more interesting is his follower-to-following rate of 1.23. This is a healthy ratio which indicates he stays in tune a lot of the happenings in the industry.

These stats don’t lie.

Salih Sarikaya maintains a balanced view to subjects of fintech and blockchain—really any subject he entertains.

He is not one to make brash proclamations, rather he inspires honest and intellectual discourse over issues of interest. His timely twitter polls have become a rallying point for cryptocurrency and fintech enthusiasts as it captures the opinions of a vast number of knowledgeable and interested respondents.

He posts quite frequently. On the average, he lets out 9 tweets per day ranging from informed personal opinions and interesting questions to news excerpts and trending tidbits.

On one occasion, he raised a really thought-provoking matter. He asked what strategy would best suit a person who bought bitcoin (BTC) above $18,000 (BTC has since crashed and trades below 7k now). It’s interesting to follow the interesting responses that followed while he punctuated with replies. Speak of real engagement.

His influence in the industry has not gone unnoticed by the seemingly ubiquitous impersonation scam bots which invade posts of respected industry figures asking for donations of cryptocurrencies. No one is immune, not even Vitalik ‘Not giving away ETH’ Buterin.

Top Cryptocurrency And Blockchain Influencer

Social ranking platform Klout shows Salih Sarikaya between the 1% of people who are talking about cryptocurrencies, blockchain and fintech.

Amongst the top 0.1% of experts talking about #CryptoCurrencies #FinTech  #Entrepreneurship #Technology


Top Cryptocurrency Influencer

Business Insider

Key Blockchain-Tech Influencer

CES -Onalytica

Top Blockchain Influencers of USA

Disruptor daily

Who is Salih Sarikaya?

Salih Sarıkaya is an award-winning Product & Marketing professional and key blockchain influencer. He is the Head of Product at Smartereum – a social platform for Cryptocurreny traders and Blockchain enthusiasts (Source: Wikipedia).

Solomon Sunny is the market reporter for Smartereum, one of the global leaders in Ethereum, blockchain and currency news. He produces technical price updates on digital currencies and writes recent developments about blockchain.


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