NEM (XEM) Future Forecast: News Partnerships and Supports Will Boost The NEM Cryptocurrency In The Long Term (NEM News Today)

NEM has been able to expand its reach over the past few years and it is now active in different regions around the world. The recent partnership with Hong Kong is going to boost the company and the cryptocurrency long term. The Nem Foundation was happy to announce that it has gotten into partnership with Hong Kong.

NEM (XEM) Set for Growth With Recent Partnership With Hong Kong

The Director of the Nem Foundation, Trikar, posted a tweet acknowledging the union:

“Nem Foundation is honored to be working with Hong Kong. We will work together to support the ecosystem by regularly educating the citizens about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.”

NEM (XEM) Price Today / USD


Everyone knows that Hong Kong is a business hub for development and diversity with rich mixed culture. On the technological front, blockchain is taking the lead as the latest big thing after the expansion of the internet.

The four key industries in Hong Kong are industry coordination, business development, tourism and expert administration. These have been the pillars of the monetary development of Hong Kong. They create a catalyst for the development of other sectors and the establishment of businesses. Also, the city is becoming the significant blockchain hub of the world.

The project set up by NEM in Hong Kong will promote blockchain education by hosting events across the country and building new partnerships with cryptocurrency and blockchain entrepreneurs.

NEM Price Today

Recently, NEM (XEM) has been fostering newsgroups and settling meetups in different nations. The NEM (XEM) is making coordinated efforts to become a big player in the cryptocurrency market.

At the time this piece was written, NEM ‘XEM) was trading at $0.16 and had a market capitalization of $1.4 billion. Over the past 24 hours, the coin has dropped by 9.72% and is trading in red. The new project is set to pave a way for a more glorious future.


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