Ripple (XRP) Price Analysis Today: How Long Will It Take For XRP To Go Up Again? (XRP News Today)

Ripple’s (XRP) traders woke up to see small gains in the price movement as the market stabilizes following a dismal week. The significant hacks on CoinRail and Bithumb didn’t help the market as prices dropped drastically only a week ago. Bitcoin (BTC) even lost almost 1,000 USD in a single day. The cyber attack on the South Korean exchanges Bithumb and CoinRail saw hackers allegedly make away with 60 million USD worth of digital tokens. This has made investors drop their coins in a bid to protect their money.

Is The Ripple XRP Token on The Rise?

Recent price movement on the charts for Ripple’s XRP token indicates that the digital asset is back on track following a difficult weekend after it recorded sharp gains on the charts. The cryptocurrency is back into the green, after rising by 3.82 percent at 0.478946 USD as of press time. The upward movement may mean better things for Ripple’s (XRP) price. It is a step forward for the network. However, there may still be some issues as the debate regarding whether or not Ripple’s XRP token should be regulated as securities have raged vigorously in recent weeks.

Ripple (XRP) Price Today / USD

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The Securities and Exchange Commission is still yet to decide on the digital currency, meaning there isn’t any clarity regarding the token. Should the SEC make a decision soon, the outcome would shape the entire crypto market significantly.

What’s The Issue With Coinbase?

The decision for Coinbase to add Ripple (XRP) on its ledger, remains entirely with the network, who may be willing to await the outcome of the SEC’s debate over Ripple. If Coinbase goes on to include Ripple (XRP) and the token is ultimately classified as securities under US laws, Coinbase and Ripple’s (XRP) traders will be held liable and can even face prosecution for working as unregistered security distributors. It is highly likely that Coinbase won’t include Ripple on their network until the SEC clarifies the situation with absolute certainty.


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