Tron (TRX) Super Representative Elections: A Tron SR Candidate Announces Plan to Open Tronics University Where Users Get TRX as Reward for Learning about Tron and Blockchain (Tron News Today)

On the 25th of June, a candidate of the Super Representative (SR) Election of Tron disclosed its plans to start up an online university where candidates will be rewarded with TRX tokens for learning about Tron (TRX) and blockchain technology at large.

The Super Representative Elections of Tron

On June 26, Tron (TRX) holds its first SR elections. The Tron elections are presently held every 6 hours. The twenty-seven representatives with the highest number of votes get chosen to become the Super Representatives. The super representatives will receive block rewards for the role they’ll play in governing the network of Tron.

How Team Tronics Plans To Make Itself an Attractive Super Representative Candidate

Team Tronics plans to give a minimum of seventy percent of its TRX earnings for being a Super Representative to the community. It’s planning to do this by starting up an online university where people can learn more about Tron and blockchain technology and receive TRX tokens for doing so.

For a start, an existing online learning platform will be used. Later on, Team Tronics plans to create its own native platform. TRX holders (Tron community members) will be able to enroll at the university and register for courses and try several challenges.

The amount of reward earned by the participants relies on the complexity of the challenge or subject matter. Participants will only be allowed to take on one class at a time. Once they pass a particular class, they can progress to the next.

Every student will begin by taking the first course. Quizzes and challenges are a single class with multiple questions. The courses are made up of various quizzes or/and challenges and uses will be awarded bonuses whenever they complete any course.

According to the blog post of Team Tronics, those that will vote for Team Tronics in the Super Representative elections will get higher rewards than those that don’t.

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