Blockchain Connect Conference 2018 showcases the Uprising Crypto Power

The ongoing Blockchain Connect Conference has opened up brilliant ideas and unique insights into the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. The Conference, with the theme “Catch The Next Unicorn” began yesterday 26th June in San Jose Convention Center, California.

Its stage has been graced by the top blockchain figures discussing matters affecting the community. There have so far been many highlights and take away from this latest installment of the event.

The conference opened with remarks from Peter Quin, co-founder, and COO of SV Insight and Andy Tang, Managing Director of Draper University. Their remark centered on “Raising Crypto Unicorns”.

In light of the recent attacks on two top Korean exchanges, Daeje Chin’s session about the landscape of the Korean Blockchain Industry was very timely. Chin, who is the President of Korean Blockchain Association, revealed that one in three South Korean workers invest in cryptocurrencies.

Names on its star-studded speaker list include BTCC co-founder Bobby Lee, who spoke on the impact of Anti-Money Laundering on the Future of Crypto, Frank Fu, the newly appointed CEO of HBUS, who talked about Global Blockchain Industry Overview and Prospects and Zhong Shao CS Department Chair of Yale University, who led a session on Building Fully Trustworthy Smart Contracts and Blockchain Ecosystems.

Blockchain Connect 2018 june 26 27

Blockchain Connect Conference is a futuristic conference which focusses on research and collaborations around blockchain technology. The event is hosted by SV Insight in partnership with Draper Dragon, HBUS, DHVC, and ConsenSys.

Speaking on the importance of the conference and prospect of Blockchain, Paul Li, CEO of SV Insight notes:

“The pace at which blockchain is diversifying and developing is increasing, and despite the volatility in the global cryptocurrency market, it’s hard to deny the power and potential of this technology.”

SV Insight, technology, and media company have a mission to bridge the gap between China and Silicon Valley, identifying and collaborating with promising projects.

The previous (and inaugural) edition of the Blockchain Connect Conference was themed “Blockchain Technology Evolution in US and China” and featured Charli Lee of Litecoin, Brad Garlinghouse of Ripple, Tim Draper and other leaders in the industry.

Solomon Sunny is the market reporter for Smartereum, one of the global leaders in Ethereum, blockchain and currency news. He produces technical price updates on digital currencies and writes recent developments about blockchain.


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