Ripple (XRP) News Today: Is Ripple (XRP) The Digital Currency To Take The Place Of Bitcoin (BTC)?

Ripple XRP Price Prediction

Brad Garlinghouse – the CEO of Ripple, recently talked about how Bitcoin (BTC) “isn’t going to be the universal remedy that people once thought it would be.” The CEO said that “rather you are seeing specializations in different types of blockchains and different types of ledgers.

With this in mind, more light is being thrown at Ripple (XRP) – the third most valuable digital currency in the world that has been grabbing the attention of many recently for a series of unique developments. While the debate regarding the security status of Ripple rages, the company has also launched a landmark University blockchain initiative, they’ve also been able to secure some exciting partnerships.

The Price Trend of Ripple

From, it is easy to track the volatile value of Ripple. While the digital currency peaked at 65 cents on the 9th of June, Ripple then began a downward movement to 55 cents on the 14th of June. From that point, the digital currency continued its downward movement and landed at its present value at 45 cents.

The Exciting Partnerships of Ripple

The firm behind the digital currency Ripple (XRP) – Labs Inc. has been in the headlines for a lot of lucrative partnerships. Most notably, InstaReM (a leading digital international payments provider in Asia) and BeeTech (a tech firm based in Sao Paulo) announced a joint collaboration with the blockchain network of Ripple – RippleNet to power payments.

Fernando Pavani – the CEO of BeeTech, said RippleNet offers clients the “ability to access new suppliers across over sixty markets and send payments via xVia.” Also, InstaReM – Ripple’ XRP partner, has also landed in the United Kingdom.

Prajit Nanu – InstaReM CEO, talked about how the move to the UK is part of the broad strategy to enable “consumers based in Europe to get exactly what they want when they are carrying out international transactions: lowest transfer rate and speed.”

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