Ethereum Classic (ETC) News Today: ETC to Correct Higher As It Announced RADEX and Gets Listed On Coinbase and (Ethereum Classic Gets New Listings)

On 30 July, Ethereum Classic (ETC) would be marking its 3rd year of existence in the industry. Ethereum Classic was forked from the second most valuable digital currency – Ethereum (ETH). Nevertheless, with the new blockchain projects on its agenda and the new listings, the digital currency appears to be more than just a fork of Ethereum.

Ethereum Classic (ETC) Gets Listed on Coinbase

To really understand what it means for an ICO to be listed on Coinbase, you need to reflect on the fact that the third most valuable digital currency – Ripple (XRP), is aiming to get listed on Coinbase. The trading platform has added Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Ethereum (ETH) to its trading platform, and the Ripple Foundation feels that their digital currency belongs to one of the top digital currency trading platforms in the U.S.

This listing is a great news for ETC and its community, and it is one of the best they’ve had in months. As a result of this, the digital currency experienced a significant increase in its value the day this announcement was made.

Ethereum Classic (ETC) Gets More Listings

After Coinbase made the announcement of adding ETC to its trading pairs, the digital currency also came to the light again as it gets two new listing a few days ago. On 22 June, Novaexchange and CoinBene announced that they would feature ETC on their trading platforms. This news went viral on Twitter, and it helped to increase the value of the coin.

Ethereum Classic (ETC) Announces RADEX

Ethereum Classic announced RADAX as its first decentralized trading platform. RADEX was entirely created by Saturn Network, and it will be the first decentralized trading platform based for the operations of ERC-233 tokens. Nevertheless, the exchange will not only be used to carry out transactions, as it will also have the required tools to ensure easy interacting with smart contracts.

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