NEM (XEM) Price Analysis Today: Has NEM (XEM) Found A Resting Bull To Increase Its Value?

NEM (XEM) is an innovative, distinct digital currency that was created with fully unique code back in 2014. Based in Japan and Malaysia, NEM offers itself as a blockchain ideal for enterprise solutions by being a secure, fast data handler, Integratable with IT and legacy payment systems.

NEM Price Today: Current Price of XEM

At the time of writing, NEM (XEM) is trading at $0.1495 after an increase of over 68,000 percent from its initial value of $0.00023107 on 15 April 2015. The digital currency is currently ranked 18th with a market cap of $1.59 billion and a trading volume of $16.28 million in the last twenty-four hours.

Trading Pairs and Exchanges

The most popular trading pair of this digital currency is BTC/XEM, with Coinsuper (a Hong Kong-based digital currency trading platform) being the most popular trading platform for this pair – handling tokens worth over 25 million on a daily basis – about 47 percent of the pair’s trading volume.

One distinct feature of the digital currency is the popularity of the Japanese Yen pairing, and this makes ups about 24 percent of the XEM’s trading volume. All the JPY volume is handled by Zalf – an exchange based in Japan, over 22 million tokens and 24 percent of the total trading volume of XEM.

Recent Developments

Sometime in March, NEM launched the Catapult infrastructure. This upgrade made the network more flexible and it added new features to it, enabling users to carry out several new transactions and smart-contract features. It is expected that the new features will increase the scalability and speed of the network.

NEM (XEM) Use Cases

NEM already has several decentralized applications and blockchain solutions existing on its platform. Luxtag offers electronic certificates of authority for consumer products such as electronics and then secures the certificates onto the blockchain of NEM. NEM has a lot of use cases, which is gradually increasing the adoption of the digital currency.

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