Qubic Launch: I9 Year Old Boy Releases Qubic Lite Also Known as QLite 

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Cryptocurrency trading is currently one of the most profitable online business to venture into. Born out of a passion for cryptocurrency and IoT protocol, a 19-year-old computer science student in Germany recently launched Qubic Lite. The Qubic launch has attracted many crypto enthusiasts who are looking to explore the features of Qubic Lite.

Qubic Lite which is also known as QLite according to the 19-year-old developer is a community implementation of the Qubic Protocol. It is designed to serve as a temporary solution until the release of the official Qubic. Although the first model of Qubic came with a number of challenges, IOTA has confirmed that Qlite is anything but another token or coin. All unsolved issues concerning the world of cryptocurrency were brought to the fore and resolved during the IOTA convention.

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What Qubic Launch Will  Mean for Developers

The implementation of free of charge IOTA exchanges by Qubic makes it possible to securely communicate with the outside world within an organised and safe environment. Qubic is suitable for developing complex IoT applications. It is an authentic and powerful distributed fog computing platform, described as a new type of smart contract. Some of the features of Qubic includes the collection of micro-payments in real time and giving of incentives for honest participation in IOTA’s Tangle.

A work-in-progress open source community, Qubic Lite is both simple to use and free. This will give passionate developers an opportunity to create QApps. Furthermore, the Qubic launch has bought the IOTA Foundation more time to organise the task they are planning to release. The absence of pressure will allow IOTA to gather the necessary resources needed to make the launch a success.

Qubic lite developer has stated however that Qlite is not a competitor to the official Qubic and should therefore not be regarded as such.


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