Dash (DAO) and Several Other Virtual Tokens On Course For More Stability After Recent Hedge Fund’s Investment 

Dash (DAO) is gradually finding more stability than other virtual currencies because of its usability. This is true considering the considerable hedge fund investments been pumped into the network one of which is Andreesen Horowitz a leading venture capital firm. The firm is a renowned investor in digital tokens. During the investment period, the venture capital company has raised a whopping 300 million USD and is planning to invest in virtual currencies during a ten year period aggressively. Andreesen Horowitz’s general partner, Chris Dixon, says there will be many more investments by the firm in the digital currency space.

Chris Dixon Believes That This is The Ideal Time To Invest In Digital Currencies

Dash (DASH) Price Today / USD


Chris feels digital tokens are in a great time to invest. In 2013, the firm along with Coinbase made their first investment in the crypto ecosystem. This funding is suitable for the crypto space because hedge fund investments are rare for cryptocurrencies. Investors usually consider the returns first before any decision. They look for the regular beneficial points related to the economic and technological progress that cryptocurrencies offer.

Investors also seek the assurance that their investment would yield good returns. Investments in digital currencies are made in the long term and help to stabilize prices. The drawback here is that quick and short trade routines contribute to volatility in the crypto movement.

Dash (DAO) is Getting Stability Via Usability

Dash (DAO) is accepted by a large selection of consumers and merchants which in turn increaseins the valuation of the token. When compared to other digital currencies, Dash (DAO) isn’t very volatile and offers safer investment terms. Hence, it is more lucrative for investors.

Dash’s (DAO) unique and innovative governance plus its treasury system allows paid developments which assist the network in the maintenance of lesser fees, security measures, quick confirmation times and seamless network improvements. These features make Dash (DAO) more appealing.


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