IOTA News Update: IOTA (MIOTA) Drops To The 10th Position On The List of Top Digital Currencies, Can HelloIOTA Boost Its Position? (IOTA News Today – June 29)

This month has been rough for IOTA (MIOTA), and the bearish market has also brought down the value of the digital currency. Though it was able to show some signs of recovery, the digital currency declined from its number 9 spot.

The Current Position of IOTA (MIOTA)

At the moment, IOTA (MIOTA) is the 10th most valuable digital currency in the world based on market cap. IOTA places so much emphasis on its community, and the community in return is a very loyal one. Whether the value of the digital currency is deep in the red or green, the community of IOTA comes together to celebrate.

The Enormous Efforts of the IOTA Team

While the bears in the market are dealing with the value of the coin, the firm has kept up its efforts in developing partnerships. An Austrian-based trading platform – BitPanda recently announced that MIOTA can now be bought with fiat currency at different Austrian post offices.

The entire digital currency market suffered from the lethal grip of the bearish market over the last couple of weeks. While it led to massive declines in values, not everyone saw it that way. Some investors see this as a great investment period, an opportunity to purchase digital currencies.

What Can Increase the Growth of IOTA?

At the current look of things, IOTA needs a massive boost to take it back to its previous position or higher. One thing that could give the digital currency that much-needed boost is the community-led HelloIOTA site. The site was designed to provide the community of the digital currency with the latest developments and news in the IOTA project.

IOTA buffs and investors can get the latest updates on what the digital currency firm is up to as well as some tutorials. This community-driven site is aimed at helping the digital currency grow. This could help to increase the value of the coin as well as to recover its previous position.

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