Tron (TRX) News Today: The Value of Tron (TRX) May Correct Higher Because Of the Secret Project of Tron (Tron (TRX) Latest Update June 29)

There are speculations all over the digital currency sphere regarding an alleged under-the-sleeve project that Tron might be hiding to skyrocket the value of the digital currency in a few months from now. There is presently no much information regarding the project.

In fact, there is nothing to show what the project is about or how it will look like. Nevertheless, when it comes to creating hypes, Tron is very good at that, and that is probably what is going on at the moment.

Reactions to the Secret Project

In the present landscape of the digital currency world, there is a huge part of the community that’s been reacting rumors and the underlying secret project. This means there are already so many expectations around the rumors. A lot of fans are just waiting enthusiastically for the revelation of the project, and this is something that might happen a few days before June 30th or even on that day.

The Super Strategies of Tron (TRX)

One way or the other, the truth is that the digital currency firm is resorting once more to its most used strategy in history – the creation of milestones or events that set a fluctuation in the value of the digital currency.

In fact, you don’t need to go through an extensive analysis of the crypto to see that Tron (TRX) has been able to give astonishing jumps in the values of its coin by just fixing the launch of a project with a specific deadline. For example, the Mainnet and TestNet launch, acquisition of BitTorrent, token migration, the elections of Super Representatives, and the most recent which is the one billion coin burn.

Unlike other digital currencies in the market, Tron is always giving its community something to wait for. This is indeed a positive move as most of the altcoins that are on their way to the top end up dying on the road because of inactivity. The move of the firm is a great one, and it could help increase the value of the coin in the coming months.

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