Google holds meeting with Cardano [ADA] : Will Google partner Cardano [ADA]?

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Last month, representatives of IOHK led by CEO Charles Hoskinson met with Google to discuss the future of Cardano [ADA] and other cryptocurrencies. In a blog post released on Thursday June 28, IOHK gave details of the meeting held at Google’s London office.

According to the post, Charles alongside IOHK’s Director of Engineering, Duncan Coutts, fielded questions from Googlers after an introductory session.

In his introduction, Charles described the tech behind Cardano and IOHK after which he delved into Ouroboros, Cardano’s unique consensus algorithm. In the same vein, he explained the Proof of Stake Concept and how it uses incentives to attract and encourage active members on the network.

He then discussed some of Cardano’s development milestones. In July for instance, Cardano would release a testnet version to allow developers test smart contracts on the IELE virtual machine. Equally important is the Shelley development phase which would see Cardano become fully decentralized.

Googlers—Google developers and staff—then proceeded to ask insightful questions about Cardano [ADA] and cryptocurrency in general. Their questions revolved around capability of Cardano’s technology, the issue of privacy, and the future of cryptocurrencies.

Addressing the question of Ethereum’s advantage over Cardano and other smart contract platforms, Charles highlighted the superiority of Cardano noting that developers who specialize in top 10 programming languages can’t develop on Ethereum. “Vast majority of real applications aren’t running on Ethereum at the moment”, he said. On the other hand, Cardano supports mainstream languages, and has backwards compatibility. He also admitted that Cardano will implement privacy transactions like Moreno and Zach in the future.

The blog post containing the edited transcript of the meeting which held on May 14 can be found here.

Solomon Sunny is the market reporter for Smartereum, one of the global leaders in Ethereum, blockchain and currency news. He produces technical price updates on digital currencies and writes recent developments about blockchain.


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