Bitcoin Price Analysis: Investors Shiver As The Price Of Bitcoin (BTC) Falls to $5,835 Indicating a Possibility That the December Rally Was Manipulated by Bitfinex (Bitcoin News Today) 

The cryptocurrency market is still in a bloodbath as Bitcoin price forms a new low of $5,835 for 2018 pushing the total market capitalization of the industry to $236 Billion. This is lower than Bitcoin’s market capitalization at the beginning of the year.

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June is the toughest of all the months that have passed in 2018 for the industry. For the first time since November 2017, Bitcoin went below $6,000. As Bitcoin battles with the bearish market, new reports from Bloomberg shows that up to 1,000 cryptocurrencies have been officially declared dead thanks to last year’s ICO frenzy.

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What is Responsible for the Fall in Price in the Cryptocurrency Market?

A lot of people didn’t want to believe the prediction of Willy Woo, an expert trader, and cryptocurrency influencer who said that Bitcoin will get to the $5,000 before the end of June. He noted that high volatility, volume profile cliff less than $6,800, and NVT signal, unevenly proportioned standard NVT, will all contribute to bring the price of Bitcoin below $5,000.

The new low also confirms the 66-page paper that was released by New York Times. The paper stated that the price of Bitcoin went near $20,000 last year because it was artificially inflated by Bitfinex and Tether. The paper was authored by John Griffin who is a professor at the University of Texas. He has a history of identifying fraudulent activities in the financial market.

Studying the inflow and outflow of tokens on Bitfinex allowed him to identify distinct patterns indicating that a person, or a group of people at the exchange successfully manipulated the prices by using a secondary virtual asset, Tether, to buy out other cryptocurrencies.

From the technical analysis of Jesse Damiani, it’s safe to say that Bitcoin will find acceptance below the $6,000 February low in the coming days. It may also get to $5,000 within the coming weeks.


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