Is Cryptocurrency Dying? Hold on to Your Cryptocurrencies Because the Prices are Going to Skyrocket as Soon as Custody Issues Are Resolved


Is cryptocurrency dying? The cryptocurrency market has been under a lot of heat for a while now. Investors are beginning to panic as major coins in the market hit new lows. If you think cryptocurrency is dying, then think again. Cryptocurrency is here to stay and the market conditions are just a minor set back that will be resolved soon.

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Is Cryptocurrency Dying?

Well, the simple answer to the question is no. Cryptocurrency is not dying. The main reason why the prices are having difficulties is that institutional investors have not entered into the market. One of the major obstacle these investors face is the issue of custody, and as soon as this issue is resolved, the inflow of institutional investors will boost the prices of cryptocurrencies to the moon.

Apart from the issue of custody, the market is also having trading issues and regulatory issues. There many international financial institutions that are willing to invest in cryptocurrencies. Many have already started investing heavily so they don’t get left out of the mix. However, many industries are still not sure they should invest in cryptocurrencies because of the obstacles mentioned above.

Providing Custody Services Will Change Everything

Globally, institutional investors have up to $130 trillion in assets. When they put a small portion of that amount in the cryptocurrency industry, the impact will be massive. However, before institutional investors can invest in cryptocurrencies, the environment needs to have the tools, and facilities that these industries understand.

Currently, the cryptocurrency industry doesn’t have the infrastructure necessary for institutional investors to dive in. This is about to change. The Consortium Komainu, created by Global Advisors, Ledger and Nomura, is going to provide custody services to institutional investors. As soon as this is put in place many institutional investors will dive into the market and save the day.

So back to the question, is cryptocurrency dying? No, it isn’t. At least not all. At the end of the day, only the strongest cryptocurrencies will survive, and they will be worth trillions.


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