EOS News Today: The Mainnet Launch of EOS Didn’t Go as Planned, What’s next? (EOS Mainnet Launch Update July 1)

In the past, EOS – one of the most controversial blockchain projects – has been a component of blended surprise, controversy, as well as mystery. Ever since the firm announced the launch of its Mainnet, the holders of EOS tokens, as well as enthusiasts and outsiders, have been contemplating and wondering “when and what is next” in EOS.

EOS Mainnet Launch

Towards the ending of May, the EOS Mainnet Launch Group published a blog post detailing its Mainnet launch events timeline. Nevertheless, not everything went as planned. The inception of the digital currency occurred last year, during which EOS used the blockchain of Ethereum and were created as ERC-20 tokens.

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The decision to migrate and create its own blockchain network – EOSIO, gave birth to the launch of EOS Mainnet. Despite the fact that the launch date of the Mainnet was scheduled for June 1, the vote of the Block Producers stopped the event from happening, as the ‘go’ votes weren’t able to cross the green line.

It was reported by several news outlets that so many software susceptibilities and bugs hindered the Mainnet launch of EOS. EOS released a statement regarding this report on 30 May, saying that the reports circulating the market are not correct.

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The Twitter post of EOS reported that, “the media has wrongly reported the possible delay in the launch of the EOS Mainnet. They said that the delay is due to software susceptibilities. They also said their team has fixed most of the issues and they are working to fix the remaining ones. “

The Change in the Constitution of EOS

Recently, there have been speculations among the community of EOS to completely erase the constitution of EOS and create a new one, and the support for EOS Constitution version 2.0 has been initiated by Block.one – the developers of EOS.

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