EOS Mainnet Update: EOS User Losses 15000 Tokens During the Switch to EOS Mainnet (EOS News Today) 

The EOS Mainnet launch and token migration has come and gone but it didn’t leave everyone happy. Some users lost their tokens during the switch and are employing Block.one to take responsibility. The first user to come out posted about his predicament on Reddit. He said that he has lost the 15000 tokens purchased in May. According to him, his wallet wasn’t activated till June 2 and so he was unable to participate in the token migration. The EOS user was left with 15000 unusable tokens after the migration was complete.

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All EOS users were asked to activate their wallets before June 2 to enable token migration support. The user claimed that he was unable to do this because of some personal challenges leaving him with 15000 unusable tokens in his ERC20 wallet. He claims that he has contacted Block.one but no help was rendered. His hope is that one day the unregistered addresses will be activated and he’ll be able to use his tokens. He said:

“I know that some people will say that the announcement was made and the rules were clear before the migration. They will say I lost everything because I didn’t follow instructions. But this isn’t a game. Everyone who sells is responsible for what he sells and contracts can contradict laws in some cases. People must bear this in mind.”

Can the EOS User get the Tokens Back Without Support from Block.one?

According to the post, the user already contacted Block.one and they claimed they could not help him. However, some help was offered by eosauthroity.com for people who were unable to register for Mainnet migration but the EOS user wasn’t satisfied with the result.

He continued:

“15000 of my EOS tokens burned but the dollar equivalent remained. This is beneficial to the seller and not the buyer. Block.one knows the amount of tokens that were issued. EOS Mainnet should replace each token if they are honest developers.”


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