Rahakott Review: A Private & Secure Online Wallet for Multiple Cryptocurrencies (Rahakott.io)

Anyone who keeps his or her savings in cryptocurrency will sooner or later wonder what the safest method of storage is. However, due to recent events, it is becoming an increasingly complex task. The exchanges insist on personal data being sent to them, and the latest case with Coinbase, which is now obligated to turn over all of its clients’ detailed personal data, has sent crypto-exchange owners into shock. Poloniex, Bittrex, btc-e (wex.nz), Bitfinex – all of these exchanges are subject to frequent attacks, and some – to FBI incursions. Over the course of the history of cryptocurrency exchanges over USD 1 billion has been stolen from them. Utilization of local wallets is no less problematic.

The loading of the entire transaction ledger may take up to one day, the size is also insignificant – approximately 100 Gb. The problem with wallet migration. Besides all of this, there’s a risk of losing the wallet entirely if the media is damaged. Where can you keep your cryptocurrency savings in a way conveniently and reliably? A number of enthusiasts have inadvertently asked themselves this question, and decided to create Rahakott, a reliable and convenient online wallet.

Akke Svenson, the developer of the wallet, stated, “There’s an extensive selection of crypto-wallets on the market, but it’s not that easy to find a really convenient and practical one among them. That’s why our team decided to develop a proprietary app, which would incorporate the best of all the other software.” Rahakott is a new multicurrency online wallet for cryptocurrency storage. The project was launched in the fall of last year. In order to attain success, the new wallet resolved to provide better product quality and user convenience. So, what are the reasons for a regular user to switch to Rahakott?

Rahakott Review: Registration, Anonymity and Security

Registration: Registration takes about 15 seconds. There’s no need for your e-mail, telephone number, login or even a password. A mnemonic phrase will be generated for you. A mnemonic phrase will be the key to your funds, and the main thing is to hide it and not to lose it. Following registration, you will receive access to your funds in just 10 seconds.

Anonymity: All of the service’s wallets are dedicated. That means that each transaction will generate a new wallet, which significantly increases the user’s anonymity. Built-in tumbler, which makes tracking your transaction virtually impossible. Possibility of working with your wallet through Tor.

Security: In case of a security breach – all data is securely encrypted on the servers, even the developers would not be able to get to it. The only way to gain access to your account is your mnemonic phrase. The option of installing 2FA on your account.

The wallet: There are currently 5 most popular and most frequently used cryptocurrencies available – BTC, LTC, XMR, ZEC and DASH.

More and more new currencies will be added subsequently. More about the wallet: The user who launches the main profile is called the administrator, and he may assign other types of roles to other users, including that of a manager, trader or auditor. Thus, the business owner can distribute the rights between different employees depending on their status. Thousands of transactions are conducted through Rahakott wallets.

Over the course of its existence, over USD 10 million in Bitcoin were transferred through the service, which inspires trust. Quick, instant and friendly support by the wallet developers. Should you try out the wallet? Definitely/ The service is supremely hospitable, and is always ready to welcome you. We’d like to finish up by quoting a comment by the developers: “The Rahakott wallet has been launched into operation on November 12, 2017. We are planning to continually improve the service’s functions.

Our most short-term plans include the integration of exchange points with the possibility of clients selecting the best rates of conversion to other cryptocurrencies and fiat (P2P exchange). Our service aims to break the status quo of the modern financial system that’s wrought with limitations, commissions and difficulties in transaction processing. We’re at the origin of a new, independent and transparent financial future. And we are building this world together!”

Link to website: https://rahakott.io

Onion link: http://rahakottymyflyum.onion


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