Distributed 2018 Blockchain Conference will bring together more than 1,000 of the most important leaders

New Event For Global Blockchain Community launched by BTC Inc, ConsenSys, HKDAG and Wanxiang Blockchain Labs

Distributed 2018 will bring together more than 1,000 of the most important leaders in the global blockchain ecosystem, from enterprise executives to digital disruptors, in San Francisco, July 19 to 20, 2018.

NASHVILLE, Tenn., June 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Distributed 2018, presented by BTC Inc, ConsenSys Inc. and HashKey Digital Asset Group Limited (HKDAG) with strategic partner Wanxiang Blockchain Labs, will be the premier West Coast gathering of blockchain leaders and technologists. Hosted by the teams behind the Distributed event series, Ethereal and the Shanghai Global Blockchain Summit, this summer’s conference is the culmination of two years of creating quality programming within collaborative environments.

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The two-day, dual track program covers a wide spectrum of this nascent industry’s most compelling and controversial topics. One track targets enterprise-leaning executives by introducing industry use cases for distributed ledger technology, addressing adoption challenges as well as compliance and privacy concerns. A second, more technical track focuses on protocols and tokenization by exploring consensus algorithms, token issuance models and scaling approaches for smart contracts.

A key mission of the event is to explore the global power of decentralized business, with keynote remarks from Dr. Feng Xiao, vice chairman and executive director of China Wanxiang Holding Co., Ltd. The agenda is also designed to highlight the technical origins of cryptocurrency concepts with David Chaum, one of the first thought leaders in the space and founder of DigiCash, sharing his predictions for what cryptography and blockchain technology could bring to the international stage.

With high-level names added each week, the 100-plus speakers represent the most exciting projects and initiatives in the space. Confirmed speakers include Lily Liu of Earn.com (recently acquired by Coinbase), Sunny Lu from VeChain, Jack Lee representing HCM Capital and Brian Behlendorf of Hyperledger, whose team has long been a leader in the enterprise blockchain space.

The event organizers, representing four partner companies from across the spectrum of the decentralized landscape, share the common goal of establishing Distributed 2018 as the single “can’t miss” industry event, with plans to continue year-over-year as an annual offering on the West Coast.

“It is thrilling to ‘widen the tent’ of our Distributed brand through our strategic partners,” said David Bailey, CEO of BTC Inc. “Joe Lubin and the ConsenSys team have established a name in the industry for building an international community around Ethereum’s technology, and we are completely aligned with their overall mission to evangelize the promise of blockchain technology. Support from the recently launched HKDAG will be essential as we bridge Western and Eastern initiatives and explore the international impact of the decentralized economy.”

Given its location, range of speakers and internationally driven content track featuring launches such as the HKDAG, Distributed 2018 is expected to draw attendees from around the world and serve as a platform for global connections to be made.

“As early supporters of blockchain technology and communities focused on decentralization, Distributed 2018 is an exciting opportunity to further collaborate across borders and put blockchain technology into practical use across the globe,” said Chao Deng of HKDAG. “We felt this was the perfect opportunity to launch our new HKDAG to a Western audience.”

“Because blockchain technologies represent radically trustful and open platforms, we’ve witnessed broad participation in the creation of value with these next-generation database technologies,” said Joseph Lubin, founder of ConsenSys and co-founder of Ethereum. “The evolution of decentralization is global, and I’m excited to see how Distributed 2018 will bring together both foundational experts and the newly inspired to explore the implications of decentralized business. We at ConsenSys look forward to seeing our friends from around the world in San Francisco this summer.”

Distributed 2018 will be held from July 19 to 20 at the Westin St. Francis in the center of Union Square. For additional information, please visit 2018.distributed.com.

Use discount code SMARTEREUM20 to save 20 percent

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Through its wide-ranging initiatives, BTC Inc is building the decentralized future with critical intelligence, brand-building expertise and technical incubation specialized for the blockchain and cryptocurrency sectors. BTC Inc is dedicated to bringing the best distributed ideas to life, giving voice to the people and projects that make it possible for anyone, anywhere to participate in the new digital economy. BTC Inc is driving permissionless innovation through BTC Media — producer of the Distributed Event Series, Bitcoin Magazine and other educational and advocacy properties — BTC Labs, BTC Studios and BTC Advisory, as well as groundbreaking projects like Po.et and CoinCart.co. To learn more, visit btcmedia.org.

About ConsenSys

ConsenSys is a global formation of technologists and entrepreneurs building the infrastructure, applications and best practices to enable a decentralized world. The ConsenSys “hub” coordinates, incubates, accelerates and spawns “spoke” ventures through development, resource sharing, investments and the formation of joint ventures. ConsenSys is dedicated to growing the Ethereum-based blockchain ecosystem through various domains including ConsenSys Solutions, ConsenSys Capital, ConsenSys Labs and ConsenSys Academy. For more information, please visit www.ConsenSys.net.


HashKey Digital Asset Group Limited (HKDAG) is a leading holding company focused on investment for startups in the fintech and blockchain industries.

Founded by veterans in the field, HKDAG aims to promote innovation, entrepreneurship, technological advancement and adoption with its forward-looking vision, professional insight and global synergistic network. By empowering industries with fintech, we hope to liberate productivity and to promote inclusion for the world we live in.


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