The Freezing of 33.25 Billion TRX Tokens will increase the investor confidence in Tron Foundation

Some Of It’s no secret that there has been a lot of questions and speculations regarding the enormous supply of Tron tokens in the digital currency markets. Before the one billion TRX burn by the Tron Foundation, the overall supply of the digital currency during the Independence Day of the project was one hundred billion.

After the Foundation burnt one billion of its own tokens, the total supply of the coin has now reduced to 99 billion. The total number of Tron tokens in circulation is 65.75 billion, leaving another 33.25 billion uncirculated tokens, which are held by the Foundation.

The Freezing of 33.25 Billion TRX Tokens

Recently, the Tron Foundation announced that they have locked 33.25 billion Tron tokens (all the uncirculated tokens) in one thousand different addresses in the Mainnet of Tron. By doing this, they’ve distributed the tokens over these addresses to minimize the chances of losing all the coins if one address is hacked.

Why Did the Tron Foundation Lock Up This Huge Number of Tron Tokens?

To begin with, the move of the Tron Foundation provides an answer to the supply predictability question mentioned earlier. Tron (TRX) HODLers and digital currency traders now know that at the moment, the total number of Tron tokens in circulation is 65.75 billion.

The rest of the tokens are frozen until 1st of January 2020. This supply predictability will help to boost confidence in investors. With the recently launched Tron Mainnet and the increase in investor confidence, the price of the digital will increase with time as there are a lot of developments and good news around the coin.

TRON Price Today: Current Price of TRX


At the time of writing, Tron (TRX) is trading at $0.0404 after an increase of over 7 percent in the last twenty-four hours. The market cap of the digital currency is $2.65 billion and its trading volume is $209.1 million over the past twenty-four hours.

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