Cardano News Today: Cardano (ADA) and Google to Enter Into a Mutually Beneficial Partnership 

Charles Hoskinson from Cardano has been busy making plans to advance the platform. Apart from working on technical advancements, he is also trying to enter into partnership with other firms. Last week, he publicly suggested to Tron’s Justin Sun that the TRX platform will be more efficient if it used the Cardano Mantis instead of the Ethereum Java. This week, however, the new information is that Cardano (ADA) and Google may be going into partnership. Hoskinson has already gone to meet with the company to discuss the mutually beneficial partnership.

Cardano (ADA) and Google to Enter Into a Mutually Beneficial Partnership

Google sent out an invitation which was accepted by Charles Hoskinson. Both enterprises are to explore various technological advancements that will benefit them. All the details of the meeting have not been revealed to the public but Hoskinson says it will be revealed soon.

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IOHK’s CEO, gave a fundamental introduction of the functionality of Cardano (ADA) and talked about the Ouroboros algorithm which is followed by Cardona. Charles was invited to Google’s headquarters in London to discuss the future of Cardano and the cryptocurrency market at a whole.

Charles Hoskinson to Develop the Best Blockchain in the World

Part of the discussion had to do with the flaws facing their experiments and how the Cardano team intends to identify and fix the problems. From the meeting, it’s clear that Cardano (ADA) and Google will come together soon. Charles Hoskinson was warmly accepted in the office were many tech gurus listened and learned about his plans for Cardano and the future of the industry. The meeting was interactive as people were allowed to ask questions no matter where they were.

One of the questions was about how Cardano plans to take over Ethereum since Ethereum already has an advantage in the blockchain industry. In reply to the question, he said:

“No developer is writing Java, Go or C++ on Ethereum because the Ethereum blockchain doesn’t support these languages. Developers cannot even run a viral app on the platform. None of the top 10 languages work on Ethereum. So, developers have to learn new languages and get new tools to work with Ethereum. However, Cardano is 100% backward-compatible. We are running an EVM.”

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