Here Are the Three Elected Super Representatives of Tron (TRX) So Far

The Tron Super Representative Election started a day after the Independence Day of Tron, and the election has been in progress since then. The Tron Foundation has published the name of three elected Super Representatives of the Tron Network.

The elections kicked off officially on the 26th of June, and there are presently eighty candidates running for the positions – according to Tronscan. Out of the eighty participants, only twenty-seven will be chosen (by election) to represent the entire community of Tron. Based on the elections so far, the Tron Foundation has released its first three elected Super Representatives, here are the three of them.

The Third Super Representative

Lianjinshu became the third SR of Tron to be elected, and this was announced a couple of hours ago by the Tron Foundation. Lianjinshu presently has secured 132,380,513 votes on the ongoing Tron SR elections. The Lianjinshu team is made up of over fifty staffs that have experience in working with blockchain technology and research experience in currency products.

The Second Super Representative

The second SR of Tron on the list is SkyPeople, and the team has been able to secure 147,998,082 votes so far. Also, the development team behind “Final Blade,” which was released by NCsoft, is SkyPeople. The game has gone a long way and it is presently leading in Taiwan in terms of game content

The Third Super Representative

The first Super Representative of Tron to be officially elected on the Tron Network is CryptoDiva. This announcement was made on the 27th of June, a day after the kick-off of the elections. CryptoDiva offers financial services for the blockchain capital market.

As digital currency trading platforms are now releasing the newly migrated Tron tokens, all you have to do to take part in the voting exercise is to create a Tron wallet on the Explorer of Tron. After the twenty-seven SR have been elected, the Tron Foundation will back off when it comes to the governance of the Tron Network.

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