IOTA Qubic Update: The Mystery IOTA Qubic Project That is Meant to Become the Standard Messaging and Payment Platform Online is Making Progress 

IOTA has been giving the public hints about the IOTA Qubic project for some time now. While the full details of the of the project have not been revealed, the idea is to create a worldwide standard for the IoT (the internet of things) that will be used for messaging and payments across the globe. The IOTA Qubic will allow users to use IOTA exchanges free of charge. People will be able to communicate with each other securely in a safe, and monitored environment.

IOTA Qubic Set to Change the Internet of Things

The Qubic project isn’t the first innovative, out of the box idea IOTA has had. Tangle, is a typical example of how team IOTA is eager to create a unique business module in a blockchain dominated environment. The IOTA project has been divided into two significant and interdependent sections: the Abra language and the Qubic Protocol.

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The IOTA Qubic protocol was the primary focus of the month. Developers created a layout of Tangle chats while maintaining the structure of Q-Tangle. This way, local copies of transactions related to Qubic will be stored.

In June, the second half of project was focused on coming to a consensus on the meaning of Abra and developing its compiler. A few days ago, IOTA posted on their official blog that they have made a lot of progress on the source code parser. All the team needs to do now is set up the compiler and extract the first documents to start running the Abra. IOTA also wants to give the community an opportunity to experiment with the language by allowing them to use it in a controlled environment.

A road map was shared to the community to give everyone an idea of what the IOTA Qubic project is about and what the coming updates will have to offer. The team and loyal community members believe that the IOTA Qubic is going to be a game changer for Internet of Things.


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