The Highly Anticipated ETH Scaling Solution To Be Implemented By 2020 Says Justin Drake

The sharding of Ethereum, which is a highly anticipated ETH scaling solution, could be implemented by 2020 according to Justin Drake – a researcher at Ethereum Foundation. Speaking at the Tech Crunch’s Blockchain Sessions on Friday, researchers at Ethereum including Justin Drake and Vitalik Buterin – the founder of Ethereum, talked about the scaling solutions as well as the future of the blockchain project.

Buterin’s Comment

They also outlined the specific functions and goals of their new features that are yet to be implemented. Talking about scaling, Vitalik Buterin said that transaction costs are largely dependent on demand and supply.

He also said, “lots of people are sending transactions and they want those transactions to be registered on the blockchain. The blockchain is very popular and a lot of people are interested in using the blockchain that they have to compete to get their transactions included in the blocks.”

He added that if the team were able to start all over, they’ll be able to implement a lot of features that would considerably help with scaling, but either way, the problem was “fundamentally hard” says Buterin.

The Proposed Priorities of Justin Drake

Justin Drake talked about two present priorities as Casper (the Proof of Stake fork) and sharding – the ETH scaling solution that is designed to enable the blockchain to take on a lot of transactions and users without slowing down or being congested.

While the sharding and the Proof of Stake initiative were initially created distinctly, Drake said the both of them are now being combined into one project because they are sharing a common infrastructure.

He also explained that integrating sharding and Casper will strengthen the system, and it will also allow for increased scalability and security in one design. The Ethereum Foundation refers to this new initiative as “Ethereum 2.0,” and they said it’s an extremely ambitious project that will roll out in a few years from now.

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