The Ethereum Foundation Introduces Programming Language, Vyper To Make It More Secure

Vyper – the new ETH language has been released, and it has been getting a lot of comments and reviews from enthusiasts on social media. The new language, which is an upgraded version of the discarded Serpent provides developers an alternative to solidity and a lot of people are referring to it as an improvement.

The Beta Version of Vyper Is Ready for Testing

Like Solidity, the new Ethereum language, Vyper, compiles down to the bytecode of EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine). Though it’s aimed at streamlining that process, and it plans to do this by creating smart contracts that are easier to understand with increased transparency and fewer attack points.

For a code aiming at the Ethereum Virtual Machine, it is very important for it to be super effective in order to implement smart contracts effectively, as codes that are not efficient enough will become very expensive in certain use cases such as micro-transactions.

The Key Improvements of Vyper Beta

This version of Vyper beta has three major improvements over the other languages – according to a review by Blockgeeks. Firstly, striving for simplicity, this new Ethereum language has completely eliminated function overloading, class inheritance, recursion, and operator overloading as all of these are no longer necessary to create a Turing-complete language.

Vyper Was Introduced to Enhance the Security of Ethereum Blockchain

Vyper wasn’t developed to completely replace Solidity, it is designed to be used together with Solidity since they share the same bytecode in order to improve the security of the network. According to a recent study, more than three thousand susceptible contracts contain security flaws.

This new Ethereum language has the potential to play an extremely vital role in the future of the digital currency. If the security of the digital currency is guaranteed, then its adoption will also increase globally, and as its adoption increases, its value will also increase significantly.

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