IOTA Announces Extensive Updates for the Trinity Mobile Wallet Leaving the IOTA Community Excited 

IOTA has just announced the upcoming release of some major updates on the Trinity wallet that will ensure maximum user experience. The Trinity mobile wallet, which has over 20,000 beta testers, has had some major improvements over the last few weeks. The development team behind the wallet claims that all that is left is fixing a few bugs.


New Features of the Next Trinity Mobile Wallet

1. Local Storage of Transaction Trytes

In the new upgrade, Trinity mobile will store signed transaction inputs to enable rebroadcasting in case of network interruption. This will prevent a repeat of the entire process. Apart from the convenience, this feature also increases security.

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2. Snapshot Transition

Addresses will be attached one after the other by snapshot transition so users will be able to start from where they stop incase anything goes wrong. The mobile app will have a progress bar that contains the remaining addresses that have not been attached.

3. Mitigated Performance  Issues

Everyone knows how resource consumping proof of work can be. The new upgrade leverages asynchronicity to subsequently reduce the likelihood of performance issues caused by proof of work. This approach has also been applied to address creation. So, users are allowed allowed to keep unused addresses without user action.

4. Receive Page Overhaul

The update to the receive page has changed the interface entirely. While the functionality is the same, the development team made some  UI/UX changes that made the page more intuitive.

5. Password Strength Requirement Update

The Trinity mobile beta currently needs an 11 digit password to work. The next update has stricter password requirements for more protection. A password-protected QR Code was also been added for paper wallet storage.

6. SeedVault

The wallet will come with a KeePass, password-protected file that you can use to store your seeds. This is an in-house solution that is aimed at improving the seed storage practices of community members significantly.

These are some of the updates you should expect from the coming Trinity mobile wallet. Keep in mind that the development team is also working on a Trinity desktop app.


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