OmiseGO Enters into Partnership With Status to Cement the Future of Decentralization

The entire Ethereum community has been celebrating the new partnership between OmiseGO and Status. On the 6th of July, the deal was sealed and announced. Since both brands have the same vision for decentralization, the partnership is going to make it easier to reach. The partnership will allow them to build different solutions that will benefit both parties long-term.

The Benefits of the Partnership Between OmiseGO and Status

One of the most obvious benefits of the partnership is the integration of the Plasma-based wallet by OmiseGO, DEX into Status’s native wallet. This will allow users to access DEX from the status mobile interface. OmiseGO and Status will work together to ensure the seamless integration of DEX and collaboration in scalability research.

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The Ethereum development community has proven to be the strongest in the industry. From creating awareness about developments on the Ethereum blockchain, to providing support to talented developers, the Ethereum community has shown that it is serious about growing. The spirit of collaboration is commendable as developers are more concerned about the growth of the entire blockchain rather than on individual projects. A typical example of this is the collaboration of OmiseGO and Status.

OmiseGO aims at ensuring prosperity through mobile development and Status is also made up of experts in technology and innovation in the mobile industry. The partnership will pave a way for limitless opportunities for both brands. What’s more? A successful partnership will not just develop the individual brands but also develop the entire blockchain as well as create awareness on a global scale.

Integrating DEX to Status will increase the degree of interoperability of the blockchain. It will so so allow users perform cross-chain transactions. This means that users will be able to perform transactions between the Ethereum blockchain and another blockchain, say Bitcoin. It will allow both teams maintain steady progress in the coming years.


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