Ontology (ONT) Enters Into Partnership With China’s CCX Credit Technology 

On the 5th of July Ontology announced that it has entered into partnership with CCX Credit Technology Co. The announcement was made on their official Twitter handle. The partnership is meant to promote enterprise investigation and ensure that the ecosystem has a sense of reliability. Ontology (ONT) and CCX Credit Technology will work together to make this happen.

Ontology and CCX Credit Technology

CCX technology is a data corporation based in China. It is one of the leading technology companies in the country. CCX was one of the first companies to thrive in enterprise credit investigation in operations and various business recordings.

Ontology (ONT) Price Today / USD


Ontology primarily aims at building bridges from around the world to help the company penetrate the real world economy. The company also promotes applying digital systems to economic strategies. This is why ontology keeps an uncomplicated framework.

To accomplish its objectives, Ontology needs to disseminate its services across different fields so entering into partnerships is essential. The services offered by Ontology can be controlled easily by a distributed framework through various applications. This will help the company to combine a decentralized affirmation source with global ones. They will be able to connect their assets, affairs, essential aspects and objects to the distribution of digital systems.

Everything Ontology does is aimed at connecting real economy constitutes to the ever growing digital world. The corporation between Ontology (ONT) and CCX Credit Technology will be beneficial for both companies and the digital ecosystem as a whole.

According to Mr. Li Jun the founder of Ontology, the distributed trust system the companies will be working on will demonstrate the project acceptance that will need compliance and cooperation. This will be regardless of the technology in use. He also said that the partnership will have a far reaching and positive impact on the company’s goal. For the past decade, CCX has been exploring more dimensions of credit investigation.


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