Sergey Brin, the President of Alphabet Inc. Is An Ethereum Miner, Mines with Ten Year Old Son

The president of Alphabet Inc. (the parent company of Google) – Sergey Brin, made an appearance on the panel on emerging techs at the blockchain summit in Morroco. His appearance was a surprise to many, and he came at the last-minute. At his last-minute appearance at the summit, he revealed that he is an Ethereum miner, and he mines ETH with his ten years old son.

Brin’s Comment on Zero-Knowledge Proofs

Brin also said that the concept of zero-knowledge (zk) proofs is really amazing and mind-blowing. Zero-knowledge proofs are cryptography principles that allow you to prove something without actually revealing the knowledge. This tech is used by digital currencies such as Zcash to enable privacy features that allow users to conceal the information of their transaction while still securing the network on a public ledger.

Others at the panel include the CEO and Co-Founder of Lightning – Elizabeth Stark, and the director of Digital Currency Initiative (DCI) at MIT Media Lab – Neha Narula. At the summit, Brin credited Ethereum, and he said it has played a vital role in the recent “computing boom.”

Despite his admiration for digital currencies, the ban on digital currency related ads by Google has still not been lifted. The tech giant – Google, placed a ban on digital currencies ads and other related products back in March, and the ban is still on till this moment.

Nevertheless, a lot of tech firms are exploring blockchain for potential use cases on their platforms. Facebook also announced a ban on digital currency ads earlier this year, but the firm has reversed the ban and it now allows pre-approved advertisers to place digital currency ads on its platform.


Ethereum Price Today: Current Price of ETH

Ethereum is one of the best performing digital currencies in the market, and it is ranked second in the world by market cap. The digital currency is currently trading at $463, and with more developments and positive news around it, its value could rise over the moon.

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